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Confidence Outreach founders Mr. Isaac and Raven Barnes, have a strong passion for educating students and building their confidence. As a Sociologist and Child Development educator, their philosophy is “All children deserve a success story”. Their focus is to help grow students cognitively, social emotionally and economically by providing student’s access to innovative hands-on S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Music and Life skills courses. Therefore, they devote their time, resources and finances to build and sustain Confidence Outreach, an organization that gives all students from grades K-12 an opportunity to receive enrichment courses, camps, and live motivational training events for free.

Many schools and community centers, regardless of the location, lack the resources and necessary funding to provide enrichment courses to their students. Isaac and Raven believe funding should not be the child’s ultimate determining factor to receiving these courses. Therefore, they founded Confidence Outreach to provide access to free enrichment programs to all students who desire to attend. Isaac and Raven believe that “No child should be denied the opportunity to attend courses that will prepare them for success.”

By teaming up with community leaders, individuals, businesses and foundations, Confidence Outreach, strengthens communities by helping students in the communities, reach their ultimate success.

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