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Our Music Program offers students creative and innovative ways to play music on their level. From beginners level to advance, our program can help direct students to the right path for their success in music and life. Our music curricula allow for students to achieve and obtain skills that will ultimately give them the cutting edge in the music world. In addition, our students are mastering their craftsmanship for the digital world of music, which is quickly overtaking the music industry. Through our engaging music program, young people are motivated to reach the full potential.

Therefore we pair students with other creative students and teachers that can offer them added value by offering them new innovative ideals.

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Music Lesson Program

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Jazz Theory Program

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Music Production Program

Research shows, that children who participate in music programs, are seven times more likely to graduate from high school than those who do not. Confidence understands that learning a musical skill can increase a child’s focus, self-esteem and confidence. Confidence believes in changing our youth lives, improving their educational experience and developing their creative talents.